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Green Aventurine Yoni Egg, Medium, Drilled

 Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus

Green aventurine is considered the luckiest of all crystals, especially in games of chance. It is often used to help manifest prosperity, success, wealth, and winning in competitive situations.

If you want to increase the chances that things will go well for you with regards to a job promotion, a business proposal, a first date, or looking for a new house or apartment, then green aventurine is the crystal for you. Your energy will feel #winning, abundant, and prosperous, and this in turns increases your likelihood of capitalizing on opportunities. You will feel inventive, tireless, calm, and confident.

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Red Jasper Yoni Egg, Medium, Drilled

Chakra: Root, Sacral

A very nurturing stone, red jasper is extremely supportive when you are feeling stressed and disconnected, because it absorbs negative energies, and aligns your mind and body with the spiritual.

Red jasper, the color of fire and blood, also embodies life, passion, energy, and strength. It stimulates your life-force energy, which enhances your stamina, increases your focus, boosts your creativity, and allows you to set higher goals, and follow through- so that you feel great in your emotional energy and great in your body.

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Black Obsidian Crystal Wand

Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones used for healing, blocking negativities and releases harbored emotions.

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Nephrite Jade, Medium, Drilled

The Abundance stone. 

Jade pin points energetic blocks for you to heal and release, as well as cleansing and healing your entire energetic system.

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Rose Quartz, Drilled, Medium

Clear quartz is a wildly popular, high-vibration, powerful healing crystal that is sometimes called the Perfect Jewel. Its sparkling light contains every color within the spectrum, which means that this crystal works in multiple dimensions.

It is known as the ultimate metaphysical crystal tool. It is also known as the Universal Crystal, because it is the most versatile healing crystal, and can truly be a perfect choice for any purpose (healing, calmness, harmony, expansion of consciousness, attracting prosperity, meditation, protection, dream recall, improved energy, and more).

It is also known as the Master Healer because it is the most powerful healing crystal. And given that it is the easiest crystal to program, enhances psychic abilities, amplifies energy, and protects against negativity, it is an excellent manifestation crystal, truly excellent.

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Obsidian Clitoral Stimulator

Chakra: Root and Third Eye

Clit is queen, the center of pleasure. Small but powerful, our obsidian clitoris yoni wand aligns perfectly with your finger for targeted clitoris stimulation.

Obsidian is one of the most powerful stones used for healing, blocking negativities and releases harbored emotions.

How to use: 

Align with your finger while you target the clitoris for sensational stimulation.

May use on pressure points on the entire body.

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Blue Quartz Breast Crystal

Chakra: Throat

Encourage healthy, vibrant breasts through self-massage with our crystal breast massagers. Allow the energetic vibrations of each crystal to align and balance your heart chakra within each breast amplifying feminine power, pleasure and love. Nurture yourself so you have the power to nourish others with your intimate life force.

Known for its ability to bring upon calmness, balance self-discipline and orderliness, blue quartz leads one to a peaceful state.

I love these crystals because due to the shape, they fit comfortably into your bra and do not fall out! 

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About The Aligned Pretzel / REQUIRED READING

About Yoni Eggs:

Yoni Eggs are egg shaped crystals that are inserted into the vagina. These powerful eggs have many benefits as you can see under the description of each item. 

Benefits of Yoni Eggs include:

- Increased sex drive (duhh)
- Better relationships with your body - hello, sensual confidence!
- Uplevel your intuition and gifts 
- Become more receptive to body signals/messages
- Improved communication (with your own body and in your personal relationships)
- Decreased pain around menstruation 
- Increased sensitivity to pleasure 
- Increased ability to receive (hello, abundance)
- PELVIS power!! 
- Can be used to aid Orgasmic Manifestation and Womb Healing (aids in healing the lower two chakras)

All prices include taxes and shipping WORLDWIDE. All stones are GIA certified, pure crystal, no dyes or fillers and are energetically and physically cleansed prior to being shipped to you. 

All orders include the crystal, a pouch, Leap Digital Workbook and a personalized message.

Yoni Eggs come in three sizes: Sizes: Large 38x50mm, Medium 30x40mm, Small 25x33mm

Most practitioners can start with the medium size egg. It does not matter if you are a tall woman or petite – most likely with the medium egg will work best but after a month of practice you still feel like a larger egg might be better for you, then you might choose to purchase a larger one.

Come back to your medium size yoni egg in 2 weeks or when you feel comfortable with the larger egg.and once you have developed a healthy personal practice, you can move to a small.

If you have had multiple vaginal births, it is more likely that you will need a large. Contact me directly on ordering large sizes as they are not currently listed here. Special orders available on request. 

Due to the intimate nature of our products, our policy is no refunds on merchandise. If there is an error made on our behalf however, we will make every attempt to rectify the error. We want you to have an aligned and juicy experience!

Contact me to order multiple items (discount may apply) and please feel free to give your feedback and special requests!

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